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For Larger Loan Amounts Since 1999

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At Borrowers Choice Mortgage, we strive to provide all of our clients with significant cost savings, whether they’re refinancing or purchasing that dream home. It’s a successful formula based on undercutting the competition on pricing.

We offer great rates and closing-cost packages. Borrowers Choice Mortgage will shop among several wholesale lenders nationwide to find your best deal. We make sure clients don’t overlook closing costs by focusing solely on rates, which is a common mistake. Closing costs are very important to getting the best deal over time. That’s why we offer zero closing costs for larger loans and low closing-cost options for smaller loans.

To give you even more savings, we offer free pre-approvals and no application fees. In contrast, some banks can charge $350 to $450 just for the application fee.

Exceptional service

Because we’re locally owned, Borrowers Choice Mortgage offers excellent customer service. We meet with you personally during the application. We also accompany you during the closing to ensure everything is correct. At each step in the process, Borrowers Choice Mortgage is by your side. This is much better than dealing with those out-of-town Internet lenders.

Your best choice

Borrowers Choice Mortgage is clearly your best choice for refinances and purchases. We’ve been in business since 1999. Now is the perfect time to make you another happy client. Call Borrowers Choice Mortgage today at 502-896-2616.

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