Offering No Closing Cost Options
For Larger Loan Amounts Since 1999

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Mortgage rates can change each day. We custom quote each potential client to make sure that we can offer the best possible deal. We offer several rate and closing cost options. We will analyze your specific situation and recommend the best option for you. So call 502-896-2616 or email for current rates and closing costs.

For larger loan amounts we will offer a ZERO CLOSING COST OPTION. We have been offering zero closing cost options to our clients since 1999. We have originated over 1000 mortgages for zero closing costs. We can also offer low closing cost options for smaller loan amounts.

Many people in the past have gone with other banks and mortgage companies and received a low rate but paid extremely high closing cost. Then they have moved or refinanced in a couple years. A no closing cost or low closing cost option would have been a much better option and saved the client a tremendous amount of money.

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